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Ripple Fold Drapes

Fashionable and functional: decorate your room with our ripple fold drapes

Ripple fold drapes for all spaces

Ripple fold panels effortlessly glide across motorized or manual tracks with their soft, ripple-like folds. Each panel is expertly tailored, sized, then installed to have precisely spaced folds that prevent flat areas. With this unique design, ripple fold drapes have a uniform look. Perfect for residential and commercial properties, the tight folds create sleek uniform ripples that gently widen as they flow toward the floor, which adds depth and texture. 

The installation process

Measurement and installation can be done by our expert team of experienced staff. 

  • First, the rod(s) or track(s) is installed on a ceiling or wall. 
  • Then the drapes are snapped into their headings and suspended under the track. This makes the curtains glide smoothly from one end to the other while always precisely positioned and spaced all along the track. 

These drapes are an exceptional choice not only because they are cost-effective, but also because they last quite a while because they are often less used than other window treatments. 

Available in manual or motorized operation. They are beautiful when installed alone and look great with various styles of shades and blinds. 

Available Styles:

Opening and closing ripple fold drapes

We have two easy options for opening and closing your ripple fold curtains. Depending on the type of access you want for your drapes you can choose between a baton or cord system–and we’ll help you choose what will work best! This depends on features and furniture in your space that may block access. A baton makes it easy to open and close ripple fold drapes without having to climb all over the furniture to get to them.

Wave fold drapes vs Ripple fold curtains

Ripple fold curtains are different from wave fold drapes primarily because of the fullness ratio (or, the distance between the folds of the drapes). In a ripple fold system, the drapes are prevented from settling flat when closed.

Pinch pleat drapes vs Ripple fold drapes

Ripple fold drapes are excellent for a complex, refined look that is affordably priced. Pinch Pleat Drapes (also called French Pleat Drapes) are the most straightforward pleats available. They offer a traditional look with an adjustable wall pin location when installed. Pinch pleat drapes create a bit more of a classic look and have become a prevailing style over the years. They are an extremely affordable window treatment option and come in many different types of fabric to match any style.

Ripple fold drapes and master carriers

A Master Carrier is a mechanism that holds your ripple fold drapes at the top of your window. When you pull your baton, the Master Carrier efficiently pulls the curtains together.

Toronto Window Treatments will help you choose which type of Master Carrier will best suit your windows. Overlap Master Carriers and Butt-Master Carriers are the most common types and we offer both!

If you have blackout blinds, the Overlap Master Carrier may be the best option because it ensures optimal coverage and light blockage. For style and class, Butt-Master Carriers offer better ripples.