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Grommet drapes from Toronto Window Treatments

Grommet curtains and drapes include rubber, plastic, or metal rings (called “grommets”) that are evenly spaced along the top to allow for efficient opening and closing.

This grommet style also reduces the friction often caused by fabric, making sliding the drapes virtually effortless (even on tall or large windows). Combined with visually stunning decorative hardware, grommet drapes make a bold, modern statement, accented by the soft ripples of fabric that draw the eye upward when the curtains are fully open. 

The look can be made even bolder or softened depending on the choice of colour and fabric. Choose grommet curtains with an extra inch of length on the bottom for an elegant, flowy look.

Toronto Window Treatments can design custom grommet curtains that can be installed on any size or shape window.

Functional and fashionable

Grommet drapes are a highly affordable window treatment. This curtain look is both chic and functional. Grommet drapes easily move across curtain rods, so you can choose when to shut your windows for privacy and when to let the light shine into your space.

What are grommet drapes?

You may know of this style of drape because the typical shower curtain is made with grommets. Grommets are the tiny rings that are attached to and the holes in textile fabrics. On shower curtains they’re small, so you attach curtain rings when hanging them. On window curtains and drapes, though, you simply put the curtain rod through the grommets. This makes hanging them a total breeze! Grommets on curtains are typically made of metal, but there are grommets made of plastic and rubber as well. Pair a grommet top drape with the proper hardware and you can have a stylish, finished, and functional window treatment in no time.

Grommet drapes available in many styles

One fabulous aspect of grommet drapes is that in some cases you have the ability to choose the finish of the grommets on your curtains. Grommets come in a variety of finishes like black, polished brass, antique brass, copper, chrome, and more. We can match your grommet top finish and your curtain rods for a finished look and help you choose a finish to tie your space together.

At Toronto Window Treatments, we carry drapes in many different opacity options. No matter if you’re looking for a set of blackout drapes or a light filtering panel, you’ll find what you have in mind in our vast collection of grommet top curtains. 

Linen is the ideal material for sheers. A natural-look with a flecked texture adds dimension to any room, and linen compliments many interior styles. Sheer grommet drapes are ideal for privacy while still allowing some sunlight in. 

If you’re looking for excellent light blocking technology, we can make your grommet drapes into blackout drapes. Ideal for bedrooms, you may even notice your quality of sleep improves when you hang your blackout curtains. Additionally, blackout grommet drapes are ideal for all seasons because they are energy efficient, so you can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with our drapes. Blackout grommet drapes are also ideal for reducing noises from the outside world.