Toronto Window Treatments



The compact, round-design slim box awning is perfect for small to medium-sized patio areas.

CASABOX enhances balconies and loggias, making it ideal for urban living. Starting at a width of 188cm, it significantly boosts the quality of life even on modestly sized patios by offering all-round protection. The design features an awning box that safeguards the fabric and folding arms from the elements when retracted, ensuring a long service life. This protection helps maintain the product’s appearance, ensuring it looks like new for years to come.


The sturdy, versatile box awning for medium to large areas.

The TENDABOX cassette awning, available in both round and square shapes, is designed for shading medium-sized to slightly larger patios or seating areas. It can extend up to 400 cm, providing ample shade for larger balconies and patios. Enhance your privacy and prevent being dazzled by low-lying sun with the addition of a Volant-Plus valance. Additionally, the TENDABOX features mounting brackets equipped with a universal two-point suspension system, streamlining the installation process on both walls and ceilings, thus saving time.


The ultimate versatile open awning, featuring options like Volant-Plus, adjustable inclination, or a cover board.

The SELECT awning combines generous dimensions with a compact design, making it especially suited for the catering and commercial sectors, yet its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for private use where larger areas require shading. Capable of accommodating most space requirements, SELECT ranges from 5′ 7” to 23′ in width. Additionally, the pitch angle can be adjusted flexibly, allowing you to adapt your outdoor area to the seasonal changes in the sun’s position. For ease of use, SELECT can be operated either manually via a hand crank or, for added convenience, via an electric motor at the touch of a button.