Toronto Window Treatments


Welcome to your great outdoors

Our range of insect meshes is designed to ward off pests like horseflies and no-see-ums, available in various weaves to suit your specific needs. While providing more ventilation and visibility, this open type of mesh also reduces up to 55% of UV rays. For enhanced sun protection, our tighter mesh options reduce glare and heat, with solar meshes blocking up to 80% of UV rays yet still allowing airflow. Additionally, our retractable screens equipped with clear vinyl adjust the temperature of your space—warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. These screens are typically part of a dual roller system, offering a choice between traditional mesh and more durable vinyl. For privacy and ultimate UV protection, consider our finely-woven privacy mesh, which blocks up to 100% of UV rays and is available in various colors and fabrics, all certified Greenguard, lead-free, and treated with Microban.