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The Ultimate Luxury Experience with Lutron's Home Automation

Discover the ultimate level of comfort and control with Lutron window treatment systems, available through our complete planning, design, integration, and installation services. Our team offers comprehensive support to ensure that you receive the highest quality products and services. We provide expert troubleshooting and support services to ensure that you have complete peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how Lutron window treatment systems can transform your home or business.

  • Control light and privacy from a remote, a wireless wall switch, or even from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Control one shade, an entire room, or your entire home with motorized shades.
  • Set different shade positions for different times of day to fit your schedule-program to darken your bedroom at night and open at sunrise.
  • Shades that automatically adjust also make your home appear occupied when you’re away, giving you peace of mind while on vacation.
  • With no cord loops, electric roller shades also present a tailored look to any room you place them in.
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Lutron’s RadioRA 3 connected lighting control system offers you advanced control over your home’s lighting, Lutron smart shades, and other smart home devices, all within a sleek and stylish design that will perfectly complement your home’s decor. With the ability to adjust lighting and shades through the RadioRA 3 app, voice assistants, or the touch of a button, you’ll always have complete control over the ambiance of your living space. Let us help you create a comfortable and convenient home environment with Lutron’s RadioRA 3 connected lighting control system.

Best in Class Automated Shades and Blinds

RadioRA 3 works with Lutron’s Sivoia QS Triathlon automated shades, which offer unparalleled performance, simplicity and versatility, so you can delight the client on virtually any project.

Precise, quiet movement
Lutron smart shades move in near silence and effortlessly create a comfortable environment throughout the home via the keypad, voice assistant, app, or Pico remote.
High-quality, durable fabrics

Lutron is dedicated to offering high-quality fabrics that sustain smart shade use, day in and day out. Only select fabrics make the grade for our shades.

Versatile, timeless style
With hundreds of styles to choose from, we will makes it easy for you to find the shade or blind that reflects your personal taste. All of our products are customizable from small to large windows and everything in between.
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HomeWorks by Lutron

For more than 30 years, HomeWorks has revolutionized the way we control lighting in our homes, setting new standards for seamless and intuitive operation. Building upon a legacy of best-in-class dimming technology and window coverings, the latest generation of HomeWorks raises the bar even higher by introducing cutting-edge fixtures that deliver beautiful and functional light throughout your living spaces. With HomeWorks, you can experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to effortlessly set the mood for any occasion. Discover the future of home lighting control with HomeWorks today.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Complement interior decor with sophisticated, intuitive controls, and create the perfect scene with a single button press.
Keypads are available in a variety of styles and finishes and customisable to fit your needs.

Refined Daylight Control

Energise your mornings with natural light, while ensuring privacy when you want it. Quiet automated blinds work at the touch of a button or through a personalised schedule.

Smart Living
Your lighting can automatically know when you come and go. You can also control lights, blinds and temperature when you are away-around the block or around the world – so you can always keep an eye on your home.
The Power of Voice
Set the perfect atmosphere or activate lighting that is right for the task at hand – Lights come on. Blinds Open. Your favorite playlist fills the background – at your command.
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The most integrated brand


Remote Control
Adjusting your window covering is as easy as clicking a button.
Mobile Phone

Make adjustment to your window coverings using your smartphone.

A Scene
Your motorized shades can be adjusted based on present timers and other sensors.
Voice control
Voice command your shades with Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit and much more!
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