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Elevate Your Outdoors with Phantom

Welcome to a new era of outdoor comfort with Phantom, the leading name in motorized retractable screens. Designed to make your outdoor spaces as inviting and versatile as your indoors, Phantom screens offer unparalleled convenience and control. Transform your covered patio into a year-round hub for entertainment and relaxation—cool and bug-free in the summer, warm and cozy in the winter, all with exceptional UV protection. Our screens come in a variety of mesh and vinyl options, allowing you to tailor your sun block levels and enhance your comfort in every season. With Phantom’s discreet design, these screens seamlessly retract with just a touch of a button from a remote, wall switch, or smartphone, preserving the aesthetic integrity of your space. Experience the ultimate in outdoor luxury with Phantom.

Toronto Window Treatments is Phantoms' Certified Dealer!

Turn Your Covered Patio Into a Year-round Entertainment Center

UV protection

Choose your level of sun block with various UV deck screens.

The perfect all-season patio

Mesh screens cool you down in summer; vinyl screens retain heat in winter.

Designed to disappear

With just one touch from a remote, wall switch or your smartphone.

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Discover Unmatched Quality with Phantom Screens

Phantom sets the standard for excellence with its superior quality motorized retractable screens, crafted to enhance your outdoor living spaces while offering unmatched durability and performance. Each screen is engineered with precision to provide optimal comfort and protection, ensuring that your patios, decks, and porches are usable throughout the year. With Phantom screens, experience a flawless integration of functionality and style, with screens that disappear when not in use and emerge seamlessly when needed. The robust materials used resist wear and tear, provide excellent UV protection, and maintain their integrity against the elements. Invest in Phantom for a long-lasting solution that redefines the quality of outdoor living.