Toronto Window Treatments



The BAVONA Hard-Top bioclimatic pergola features adjustable-angle aluminum louvred slats, offering optimal protection from both sun and rain.

Experience the good life in your garden with the BAVONA Hard-Top from STOBAG, which combines sun and weather protection with an aesthetically pleasing cubic design featuring a roof of swiveling aluminum slats. These tiltable slats, made of weather-resistant aluminum, not only provide natural air circulation with a bio-climate effect but also can be automatically closed and opened thanks to the standard motor drive. Additionally, dimmable LED lighting in various shades of white casts a cozy glow over your evenings, enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor space.


The PERGOLINO patio awning features an impressive design built on a proven system.

The PERGOLINO patio awning stands out with its sleek design and robust, proven technology. It features sliding brackets for highly flexible mounting options, enhancing its adaptability. The awning’s high-quality RESISTANT fabric, made from dense polyester, not only protects against UV radiation but is also fully rainproof, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer durations. With the correct pitch and tensioned water-repellent fabric, it offers additional protection against rain, all while giving your terrace a beautiful setting.