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Sheer Drapes

The best sheers for windows in Toronto from Toronto Window Treatments

Sheer drapes for windows

Sheer drapes allow for a delicate, diffused light to enter through your windows, adding style to any interior design theme. True to their name, sheers offer moderate levels of privacy and light diffusion, allowing some visibility outside. 

These curtains are ideal where window treatments are being used to add style, as they are soft and let some light into the room when closed. They are often installed in living rooms or commercial showrooms. They can be installed on tracks or rods, and are stunning alone or layered with other coverings, such as shades and blinds. 

Sheer curtains look best when they fall to the floor. Add an extra inch or two of length to give them an elegant, flowing look. They can be precisely hemmed or, as we recommend, hung higher above the window to make your whole window look taller. 

Available in manual or motorized operation

Install alone or with various styles of shades and blinds

Motorization available 

Available styles:

Sheer drapes from Toronto Window Treatments: the best in style and functionality

Sheer drapes might be the ideal choice for your home improvement projects. If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your interior, start with your window coverings. Our sheer drapes come in many styles from many brands. One of our most popular is the sheer drapes from Hunter Douglas which are totally customizable to your home and space.

No matter which you choose, Toronto Window Treatments has many fabrics, brands, and colours to choose from. Don’t tackle the challenge of finding the right shade for your space alone–call us!

What are sheer drapes?

Sheer drapes, also known as sheer curtains, are a great choice for convenient access to the outside world while letting in light without completely eliminating your privacy. Sheer drapes are vertical attachment curtains that are made to cover all sizes of windows or sliding doors. They are great for creating the light you need and protecting your privacy when you want it. 

Sheer drapes give you control of the light in your space. The light level is completely in your control. Talk to us about how your sheer drapes can be motorized, hooked up to electricity, or controlled with a remote so you can adjust with the touch of a button! 

Pros of sheer drapes

  • Sheer Drapes are cost effective
  • Sheer Drapes can be precisely fit within the confines of all window spaces
  • Sheer Drapes are great for large, open windows with sliding doors
  • Sheer Drapes come in a variety of colours, materials, and styles

Get the benefits of sheers for windows

Sheer curtains prevent glare from spilling through any large panes of glass. These sheers feature a flowy, soft fabric that can be opened and closed, clustered towards the edge of your window or let hang, to illuminate a room or conversely create privacy. 

Our sheers for windows elegantly diffuse the light in any room creating a bright, cheery space. Ideal for sliding glass doors and large windows, this window treatment option combines the romance of sheers with the drama of drapes.

Our sheer curtains are known for their ability to block UV light and protect your furniture and furnishings for years to come.

Sheer Drapes