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Pinch Pleat Drapes

Get the widest selection of pinch pleat drapes in the GTA

What are pinch pleat drapes?

As the name suggests, the top of a Pinch Pleat Drape is accented with tightly pinched and uniform pleats. Each pleat is spaced evenly which controls the fullness of the look and is weighted at the bottom of the seams to create an effortlessly tailored look.

Pinch pleat drapes bring fabric together at the top of your window. The reason these pinch pleated curtains are popular is that they offer a timeless, cost-effective solution that can fit any window and style of interior decor.

Usually hung with pin hooks, pinch pleat curtains can be put on tracks, traverse rods, or other decorative hardware. 

Available in manual or motorized operation. They are beautiful when installed alone and look great with various styles of shades and blinds.

Available Styles:

Where do pinch pleat drapes look the best?

Pinch pleat drapes fit many styles of interiors. Pinch pleated curtains have a crisp design and are chic in any environment, whether formal or casual. The number of pleats and depth of the folds can be customised to whichever room you choose. 

We install pinch pleat drapes in the GTA for many types of rooms. Your pinch pleat drapes will look great in bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms and you can completely customise the colour, fabric, and style to suit any decor style.

What pinch pleated curtains should I choose for my home?

There are so many styles available. Though it can get a bit overwhelming when trying to choose the right style for you, the experts at Toronto Window Treatments can help! We’re trained designers and with on-staff installers and more to create the perfect curtain for you. 

We know from spending 25 years in the business how to balance aesthetics and functionality to make sure you get the best match. Discover just the different options we offer in the pinch pleated style.

Soft top pleats

Technically these drapes don’t have pleats. They easily slide across your window and are sleek and modern.

Three-pinch pleats

Also known as three-finger pinch pleats, are among the most common drape styles. These drapes are the most open of all pleated curtains because they are pinched together in 3s.

Euro pleats

Euro Pleat Drapes are pinched on top yet  open at the bottom. A stylish, super modern solution, they’re perfect for any home.

Two-pinch pleats

Also known as double pleats, these curtains use less fabric, which makes them more affordable while also classic and stylish.

Pinch Pleat Drapes

Alternatives to pinch pleat drapes by Toronto Window Treatments

If you’re looking for a different option, (as pinch pleat drapes are seen frequently), pencil pleat drapes could be your ideal alternative. The clean, timeless look of the pencil pleat (so named because when properly installed it looks like a row of pencils) will never go out of style. Another excellent choice would be eyelet curtains, which have metal eye holes threaded on a pole. This is more modern looking and has many broad, standardised uniform pleats from bottom to top.