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Vertical Blinds

Superior vertical blinds are ideal for wide windows

What are vertical blinds?

Vertical Blinds are a window treatment with slats that hang vertically (up and down). When we install them, they are hung from a valance (a special kind of holder) at the very top of the window that is stylishly hidden from view. Vertical blinds are commonly used on sliding doors but Toronto Window Treatments offers treatments for smaller windows too.

Vertical blinds are a simple and affordable option for making your living space sunny or dark with the turn of a baton. Neat vertical blinds are useful if you have a living space with lots of sun exposure. The experts at Toronto Window Treatments will help you find the right window treatment with our free consultation and quote to determine styles and measurements that will match any space.

Toronto Window Treatments has all the best vertical window blinds brands as well as a team with a personal sense of interior design with the precision of an engineer. Whether you’re looking for window treatments that complement your style or serve a utilitarian function, we’re here for you!


Are your vertical blinds doing this?

  • Clattering together when you turn on the AC
  • Falling apart or tearing
  • Showing dirt and stains
  • Creating gaps for light and prying eyes to see in

Then it’s time to get a vertical window blinds treatment done by the professionals. We offer luxury brands with reliable materials that won’t leave you disappointed. All our treatments are proven to last for many years and will help you save money on your energy bills.

There are many benefits of vertical blinds installed by Toronto Window Treatments!

  • Easily slide your blinds open and shut from either the right or left side; perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors
  • Vertical Blind Louvres (panels) are available in a vast selection of widths and lengths, and we can customise them to your needs
  • Vertical blinds don’t require much cleaning like standard blinds, because the slats are vertical and don’t collect as much dust
  • They are easy to repair! Individual blinds can be replaced if they are damaged
  • Vertical blinds are a super affordable and stylish option for your home, coming in a multitude of materials including fabric, vinyl, wood and more

Superior vertical blinds are the perfect choice for wide windows

Vertical window blinds at the best price

Vertical window blinds are an excellent choice if you’re looking to dress up some wide window expanses, or sliding glass doors. The quiet, smooth performance of our Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds will add style and elegance to any space. No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for among our wide selection of hundreds of materials, colours, and fabrics. At Toronto Window Treatments, you’ll always get the best product at the best price.

Toronto Window Treatments has brands with treatments that come in many colours and vertical blind materials. Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages like cost and durability. You may need blinds that are easy to clean that still allow some light to filter through the fabric.

Materials and fabrics for modern vertical window blinds

Featured products

  • Skyline® 
  • Alustra® Skyline® 
  • Cadence® 
  • Somner® 
  • Vertical Solutions® 
  • Crosswinds®

Our Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are a patented twist on panel track blinds. A sleek, contemporary panel design lends modern drama to any décor, whether covering large windows or when used as a unique sliding room divider.

There are many important factors to consider when choosing vertical blinds, so we recommend talking to one of our experts at Toronto Window Treatments. It can be really hard to decide on your own and get an affordable price.