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Zebra Shades

Zebra roller shades are designed to match your home’s interior

Zebra shades: a beautiful hybrid shade style for your home

Zebra shades allow you to control light while enjoying a great view. Their stylish aesthetic creates a big impact on any space, from your kitchen to your office to your sitting room, and beyond. Zebra shades are also known as vision shades which feature a stylish fabric that filters out and softens daylight. Perfect for combining soft daylight with privacy, zebra roller shades are the ideal compromise between blinds and roller shades.

Zebra shades are made of a combination of sheer and solid fabrics in a single shade. Much like opening and closing the slats of a blind, the layered shades in a zebra shade control light by alternating the bands from open to closed. If you want more light, you can leave the vanes open and light will stream in through the beautiful translucent fabric.

The best thing about Zebra shades is that they are versatile and can be used in a variety of rooms in your home. You can enjoy an incredible outside view during the day while protecting your family from UV rays and then closing your shades during nighttime for privacy. Zebra shades do it all in the best possible way! 

Zebra shades are a transitional type of blind! What does that mean? They have 3 styles: fully open, fully closed, and “zebra” (half opaque and half translucent). Their clean lines mean that they fit perfectly with many contemporary decor styles. 

How do zebra shades work?

Zebra shades are made of multiple layers of dark and translucent striped material. The first layer can move on its own, allowing the panels to align or open and close to control light levels. Sliding these shades to “dark material-dark material” allows for complete control over privacy, but you can open the shades to “dark material-translucent”, which lets half the outside light in.

Besides looking beautiful, zebra shades are also super practical. Whether you want absolute privacy or some access to sunlight in your room, zebra shades will accommodate your needs. Known for being easy to use, one rod controls the raising and lowering of the opaque and translucent panels so they will slide past each other. When you want access to complete sunlight, your zebra shades will roll up in a sleek, compact way. With zebra shades, light is in your control, and you don’t have to sacrifice picturesque views to reduce incoming light!

The amount of light you want is in your control

Zebra shades are made up of solid and translucent material on the same shade. They contain a mixture of opaque and clear slats that bundle up when you want to adjust the light. If you need more light, simply raise the slats and they will become compact. Need a little extra light? Lower some of the slats. For increased privacy, you can bring all the slats together with the click of a button and your shades will be completely closed. Our zebra shades also come in room-darkening fabrics that are best suited for office media rooms or bedrooms.

Tired of opening and closing your shades every day? At Toronto Window Treatments we will install motorized zebra shades that can open and close at your leisure. Each window can be individually controlled, programmed to work in tandem, or put on a sensor that automatically controls your shades based on the amount of light outside.  

Motorized zebra shades are sure to impress you and your guests!