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Plantation Shutters

Toronto Window Treatments are the experts in installing premium plantation shutters in your home

High quality indoor window shutters

Long a tradition in the Southern United States, plantation shutters add function, beauty, and historic value to any space. Plantation shutters often have wider louvres than standard shutters and use rods to open and close them. Add architectural interest and increase light control by opting for double-hung plantation shutters. 

Whether made of authentic wood or a composite material, plantation shutters are low maintenance and can be less expensive than custom drapes. The design specialists at Toronto Window Treatments can help you choose the perfect plantation shutters for your space.

Traditional shutters have small, narrow louvres. The small space in between each slat made these shutters more popular for smaller windows. 

Plantation Shutters are still a popular option for homeowners that is sure to increase the value of your home for potential homebuyers. Renowned for their light-filtering capability and energy efficiency, plantation shutters are an excellent choice for your home that almost guarantees the value of your home will increase–and they will remain in style for years to come.

How to choose the right indoor window shutters for your home

Plantation shutters are most well known for their historic use in mansions and plantations in the Southern United States. They are great for blocking heat and light coming from the sun and  offer classy aesthetics.

Plantation shutters may help you decrease your monthly energy bills and are great for creating privacy for bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

Toronto Window Treatments will help determine if plantation shutters are the ideal treatment for the aesthetic and use case you are looking for. Each area has its own needs and optimal window treatment. When you call us, we can help you find the best shutter solution for your space.

The appealing look of plantation shutters

Differing sizes of louvre means more or less wooden slats will be covering your window.

The largest difference between plantation shutters and traditional shutters are the much wider wooden louvres. These large louvres create a modern touch and make light and temperature control simple.

The many benefits of plantation shutters:

  • Pick from many styles and colours
  • Protect the inside of your home from UV rays 
  • Low-maintenance and easy-to-clean

Interior window shutters like plantation shutters have a timeless appeal and add value to any home or office. Once installed, your wooden shutters will be a long-lasting fixture in your home with a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Vinyl Shutters

Custom interior shutters by Toronto Window Treatments

Our window shutters can be customised to complement nearly any decor or style. Whether you would prefer a versatile colour like neutral/white or natural wood, you can precisely match the colours in your home with our free in-home colour-match consultation.

Faux wood plantation shutters

An affordable and durable alternative to natural wooden shutters are faux wood plantation shutters. This kind of shutter is resistant to moisture which makes it better as interior window shutters like for kitchens and bathrooms.

How much will my plantation shutters cost?

Big box stores may have cheap plantation shutters, but they will not be custom designed to suit your space.

We customise your plantation shutters to beautifully accent your windows and the area they occupy. Not only that, but we carry all the best brands that the big box stores don’t carry.

  • Polywood Plantation Shutters
  • Ovation Wood Plantation Shutters
  • Studio Shutters