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Motorized Skylight

Motorized skylight shades are the easy, elegant window treatment you’ve been waiting for!

Looking for motorized skylight shades?

Are you tired of getting up each day to adjust your skylight shades to the changing light of day and night?

Now is the time to get a free quote and style advice from Toronto Window Treatments to see what brand of motorized shades would fit best in your home or office.

Motorized skylight shades are a modern solution to an ancient problem. With just a touch of your remote, you can control the opening and closing of light coming into your house.

Choose from the best brands:

  • Lutron Motorized Skylight Blinds
  • Hunter Douglas Skylight Shades
  • Somfy Smart Skylight Shades
  • Graber Solar Motorized Skylight Blinds

Now is the perfect time to upgrade to skylight blinds with remote electric blinds for roof windows can be beautiful!

You shouldn’t settle for smart skylight shades installed by cheap window treatment companies who use generic brands from big box stores. And if you worry about the need for power or unsightly cords by your window, we even offer battery-operated skylight shades.

Honeycomb skylight shades

The Honeycomb design is revolutionary in energy efficiency, especially desirable for skylight shades. The hexagonal cells trap a layer of air between the fabric of the shade, precisely insulating your home against heat and cold and significantly reducing energy loss from windows. 

In skylight shades, the effect of this is particularly pronounced: the honeycomb design also blocks a maximum of UV rays while softly diffusing natural light into the room. With crisp pleats on both the front and back, the skylight shade, when open, will blend beautifully with your roof, making your home look just as good from the outside as it does on the inside.

Roller skylight shades options

Roller skylight shades are available in a range of styles, made from sheer, semi-sheer, and opaque fabrics. Motorization makes it convenient to open and close your shades at different times of the day. Roller skylight shades are installed on a track, quickly rolling and conveniently storing away smoothly to not sacrifice views. Try sheer shades to protect furnishings from damaging UV rays without sacrificing picturesque daylight views, or use opaque fabrics to block out light completely.

Roman skylight shades

Roman skylight shades have become a popular window treatment over the past decade, and rightly so. These shades are made of a single piece of fabric divided into symmetrical horizontal pleats that neatly fit together as they are raised or lowered. In skylight windows, Roman skylight shades are usually the most cost-effective to install. Timeless and sophisticated, they are a classic option for blocking unwanted light and controlling the amount of light that enters the room. Available in numerous fabrics, colours, styles, and patterns, Roman skylight shades are as versatile as they are minimal.