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Woven Shades

Let the experts at Toronto Window Treatments help you choose the perfect woven wood shades for you

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Woven wooden shades are the ideal solution to optimise natural lighting and privacy. With our many window treatments, you won’t have to compromise on privacy to get the ambient light you want.

Woven wooden shades are minimal and sophisticated, and we can easily tailor them to suit the look that you want for your home. 

Standard wooden shades

Standard wooden shades are perfectly textured with sustainable plant fibres to help you reconnect with nature in your home. These shades are enduring and will suit any contemporary home or office.

Choose from many different configurations including wooden shade colours, borders, materials, and methods of adjustment.

Woven wooden roller shades

Roller shades are one of the best window treatment solutions for optimising natural light in rooms with attractive views. One popular style for these types of shades is “Top Down Bottom Up”, where you can lower the shade from the top to let in light while still allowing privacy.

Like our other types of wooden shades, our woven wooden roller shades come in a variety of colours and materials. Wooden roller shades are a fitting option for rooms or offices with a natural ambiance. They are a great complement to any interior design renovation and are one of the most contemporary looks we offer at Toronto Window Treatments.

Cascade woven wooden shades

With cascading woven wooden shades, segments of the woven sheets are held together by aluminium or wooden dowels. Cascading woven wooden shades are great for everyday use, creating a superior style for optimising both privacy and ambient light.

Woven Shades

Waterfall woven wooden shades

These wooden shades work just like Roman shades, and are similar where it counts; including in simplicity and affordability. Waterfall woven shades can be made with a variety of types of woven wood in almost any colour you can think of. These shades can be customised with different borders to suit any type of window. 

If you want, the experts at Toronto Window Treatments will work with you to install woven wooden shades with blackout and privacy lining.

The latest in woven shades

Provenance Woven Wood Shades are an artisanal shade that will introduce an element of the natural into your home.

Provenance Woven Wood Shades are crafted from natural reeds, woods, grasses, and bamboo. From smooth textured fabrics to more defined weaves, the natural fibres add an organic look to your room and filter sunlight elegantly.

Add more flair with customizations like edge banding or valances. You can have them installed with or without a liner, depending on how much privacy or light-filtering you would like.

Whatever your preference, woven wooden shades provide your space with beautiful natural lighting only achievable with organic fibres.

Whether it’s woven grass, bamboo woven roll-up blinds, grass weave Roman shades, or similar, Toronto Window Treatments can install the latest in sustainable and sophisticated shades.

Bamboo shades are a classic option that will give a natural touch to any window setup. Perhaps you’re looking for a grass weave shade to compliment the natural light of your apartment or office. 

Whatever you’re looking for, Toronto Window Treatments has the ideal solution. We aim for excellence, affordability, and efficiency. Call us today to see what kind of woven wooden shades we can install in your space!