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Vinyl Shutters

Your source for high-quality and durable vinyl shutters that will stand the test of time

Vinyl shutters that look authentic

Vinyl shutters give you the function and look of wooden shutters while constructed of virtually indestructible material that is ideal for humid climates, including rooms that collect a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms. Reinforced for stability and durability, they will look great and work great for years to come without peeling or warping. 

Toronto Window Treatments offers vinyl shutters in dozens of colours and styles with options available even for hard-to-fit windows, like French doors and sliding doors. Get low-maintenance style and light control at an affordable price.

Vinyl interior shutters will not peel, crack, fade or deteriorate like wood can. They are ideal for humid areas like shower enclosures, solariums, near sinks and Jacuzzis. Since they are moisture-resistant, they are an optimal choice for windows near a chlorine swimming pool or even the ocean’s corrosive saltwater.

Keep your home warmer in the winter with exterior shutters

Not only are our exterior window shutters gorgeous, but they serve a purpose. Plastic shutters will keep your home safe, warm, and protected from storms and weather.

Our customers report slight decreases in energy bills in both the winter and summer months because of our professionally installed exterior shutters. 

Let’s talk about the main differences between real wood shutters and custom vinyl shutters…

Are you replacing or adding shutters to your home? There’s a lot to consider before you buy. Wooden and vinyl shutters have many advantages and some disadvantages.

Vinyl Shutters

What to consider when choosing your ideal house shutters:

Exterior shutter size:

The size of the window will determine which material is best. Note that smaller wood or vinyl shutters allow for a wider array of options and larger shutters may sag or warp if you don’t choose the right material.

Natural climate:

The Toronto climate may cause wood shutters to start to rot, and must be cleaned to keep their value. To cut down on maintenance we recommend vinyl shutters for our clients.

Vinyl Shutters

Exterior Wood shutters vs. Vinyl shutters

Wood shutters are still an extremely popular type of exterior shutters though they are gradually being replaced by more reliable and increasingly realistic-looking vinyl shutters. Solid wood exterior shutters elegantly complements the style of homes and apartments with natural wood siding and historic components. Today’s modern brands and materials of vinyl shutters are improving at blending in with modern homes.

Because vinyl shutters are less expensive than wood shutters, they are sometimes considered less authentic. Let the experts at Toronto Window Treatments give you a free consultation where you’ll see that with the amazing selection of styles, brands, and colours we carry, there’s no need to compromise on style or pay an exorbitant price.

Toronto Window Treatments offers only the highest quality vinyl shutters. Choose between popular brands, made in North America and with time-tested materials. Our custom vinyl shutters are designed to stand the test of time and look beautiful on your home.

High-quality brands at Toronto Window Treatments

The difference between Toronto Window Treatments and big box brands is the degree to which we are able to replicate wood and the durability of the material.

Without a trusted professional there to help you choose the right shutters for your home, you may encounter some issues. The product of lower quality brands will break down quicker and are immediately discernible from high-quality exterior vinyl shutters installed by Toronto Window Treatments.

Often we are called by homeowners who need a complete reinstall because of faulty house shutters, all because they unwittingly chose the wrong brand and material for their space.